Tuesday, November 18, 2008

5 Famous Lost Mines and Treasures

(The "Money Pit" at Oak Island, Nova Scotia.)

Although "Treasure Trove Dreams" is all about lost mines and treasures, there are certain myths and legends that I will address only in passing. Why? The simple fact that so many others have gone before me in analyzing and pursuing these treasure tales and a wealth of superior information already exists out there about them . However, I do want to list a few of these I consider to be some of the most famous:

1. The Lost Dutchman Mine

Arguably the "great grand daddy" of all lost mine and lost treasure legends, the search for Arizona's Lost Dutchman Mine continues unabated by both groups and individuals. As the story goes, a prospector and miner named Jacob Waltz made a rich gold strike somewhere within or near the Superstition Mountains. On his death bed he alluded to the riches contained therein and things have never been the same since. People have actually died or been murdered searching for this one, so be forewarned. Oh, by the way, according to 2 or 3 fortunate souls out there, the Lost Dutchman Mine has already been found....Hmmmmmm, right. (You can read more about the Lost Dutchman Mine at http://www.lostdutchmanmines.com/index.html.)

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2. The Lost Adams Diggings

In this famous treasure yarn a miner named Adams and his friends discover rich placer gold ground in a hidden canyon in New Mexico (although Arizona factors heavily in this tale as well) and then are attacked by hostile Indians. Only Adams himself lives to tell the tale. For many years afterwards Adams and others try to relocate this natural treasure trove wthout luck, and the search for the Lost Adams Diggings continues today. Once again, at least one individual online claims to have found the Diggings, but he has not proffered up any of Adams' lost gold nuggets as proof yet.


3. The Mystery of Oak Island's "Money Pit"

This famous treasure legend takes us to Oak Island in Nova Scotia where the search continues for what is assumed to be an elaborately "booby trapped" pirate's cache. Over the years various individuals and enterprises have drilled down into the cache area, known as the "Money Pit," without much success. Over the years some interesting artifacts and other bits and pieces of the Oak Island treasure mystery have been recovered, but unfortunately, lives have been lost in the process (for more on the "Money Pit" go to http://www.oakislandtreasure.co.uk/).

4. The Beale Treasure

In the first two decades of the 1800s Thomas Jefferson Beale supposedly buried vast amounts of silver and gold somewhere in Bedford County, Virginia. This treasure legend is one of America's best documented and most persistent (along with the Lost Dutchman Mine) and has something for everyone, including mysterious codes and ciphers and those who claim to have broken the Beale Codes (you can find more on the Beale Treasure at (

5. The Lost Pegleg Mine

This is one major treasure I decided to cover here in "Treasure Trove Dreams" and you can read the entire series of posts beginning with "Legends of Lost Gold: the Lost Pegleg Mine" (http://treasuretrovegold.blogspot.com/2008/10/legends-of-lost-gold-lost-pegleg-mine.html). Pegleg Smith discovers and then loses a fortune in "black gold nuggets" somewhere between San Diego and Yuma. Go figure....

Be safe out there and good hunting!

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