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Treasure in Arizona: $300,000 in Buried Gold

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A Trove That Defies Logic

Nearly $300,000 in gold coins as well as placer gold fines, flakes, and nuggets may be buried not far from Winslow, Arizona. How this trove purportedly came to be buried near Winslow is highly unusual and, to a certain extent, defies basic logic.

Why I make this latter statement should become apparent after you read this tale of buried treasure. Here is the first part of the story:

Homeward Bound from the Goldfields

By early 1855 a '49er named Darlington (sometimes spelled Darlinton) had made his fortune working placer mines in the Motherlode goldfields. Realizing that the best days of the California Gold Rush were over and weary of mining, Darlington decided to cash in his "goods" and head east for his boyhood home (Note: No details are given as to exactly where "home" was for Darlington. J.R.).

Accompanying Darlington were his wife, at least 6 other ex-'49ers heading for home, and nearly $300,000 worth of privately minted gold coins as well as large amounts of loose placer gold. Not long into the journey Darlington's wife became seriously ill, her condition worsening with each passing hour.

Heavier in Death than in Life

By the time the Darlington party reached the vicinity of modern-day Winslow, his wife was on death's door. The small group pressed on but 5-6 miles farther south and east Darlington's wife exhaled her last lungful of air.

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The site of her death was known as the Sunset Crossing of the Little Colorado River. Here, stricken with grief, Darlington asked the others for help in preparing a crude coffin and digging his wife's grave. This they did and then left Darlington alone with his wife so he could bid her his final farewells.

The following day the men lowered Darlington's wife into her final resting place, not a few of them straining with the effort. They were puzzled as to how a woman as slight as Darlington's wife could be heavier in death than in life....

There is more to come in a subsequent post. Until then, good hunting to all!

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