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Waybills to Jesuit Treasures in Southern Arizona (Part 2)?

( A small portion of the Santa Rita Mountains. Photo courtesy

Here is the second installment in my series of posts on possible Jesuit treasure trove waybills in southern Arizona. The quoted text (italics) comes from old Spanish accounts of these lost mines and treasure caches:

Lost Guadalupe Mine: "Go one league (Note: About 3 miles. J.R.) southwest of the Mission of Tumacacori and 1,800 varas (Note: A vara equals approximately 800 feet. J.R.) north of the waters of San Ramon. There you will find 2,500 mule loads of plata (silver) and 1,000 loads of plata y oro (silver and gold)."

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Lost San Pedro Mine: "From Tumucacori go one and one half leagues from the western side of the mission. When the sun has risen over Las Montanas de la Santa Rita (the Santa Rita Mountains) you will see its rays strike the portal of the mine tunnel where great riches lie within."

Carreta Canyon Treasure: "The Jesuit fathers hid a large treasure of both silver and gold some distance from the Mission de Tumacacori along the old carreta (cart) road below Tubac. These riches were hidden along the west bank of the Rio de la Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz River)."

The Lost Opata Mine: "In the the mountains named after the revered patron, San Cayetano, there lies a silver mine of great wealth once worked for the Jesuits by los indios (the Indians). Do not seek this mine in the high peaks of the mountains for its riches will be found lower down in the foothills."

Del Bac Treasure: "It is said that the Jesuits worked una mina de plata muy rica (a very rich silver mine) known as La Esmeralda not far from the Mission known as San Xavier del Bac (Note: A historic Spanish mission about 10 miles from downtown Tucson, Arizona. J.R.). Some say that our beloved Padre Kino himself took silver from this mine which could be found two leagues to the southwest from the Mission."

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So there you have it. A number of possible waybills to Jesuit treasures in southern Arizona. Further research is needed, of course, but one thing is certain...these leads are not "will o' the wisps."

Good hunting out there.

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