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"Bushwhacker" Caches in Missouri

"Bushwhackers" and "Redlegs"

Nowhere was the American Civil War more murderous than in Missouri. From 1861-1865 extreme violence was perpetrated by both sides on the innocent and guilty alike, with little or no quarter given or expected.

Some of the most violent players in this drama of hatred and revenge were the Confederate partisan rangers or "Bushwhackers" led by such luminaries as William Quantrill and "Bloody Bill" Anderson. Running a close second to the Missouri Bushwhackers were the "Redlegs," Union sympathizers and radical abolitionists led by Jim Lane just across the Missouri border in Kansas who received their name from the red leggings they wore into battle.

The James Boys Were Die-Hard Bushwhackers

Both of the James Boys (Jesse and Frank) were die-hard Bushwhackers. Frank began his bushwhacking career in 1861 and was followed a few years later by Jesse, who was only 16 years of age when he began killing Unionists in earnest.

Frank and/or Jesse rode with a number of Bushwhacker groups, including Quantrill's, "Bloody Bill's," and smaller units led by Dave Pool and Arch Clement. Some of these Bushwhacker elements were noted for their extreme savagery (torturing prisoners, cutting ears off, taking scalps, etc.) and for their propensity for rape and robbery.

Stolen Loot

It is this latter factor that is the real topic of this post, however. Much of the loot taken by Jesse, Frank, and other Bushwhackers was cached until it could be recovered safely and securely at a later date.

Metal Detectors

What sort of stolen loot? You name and silver coins, currency, jewelry, silverware, precious metal pocket watches, heirlooms....essentially anything of value that could be easily carried on horseback and just as easily hidden away or buried as treasure.

Bushwhacker Caches in Missouri

Here are the general areas in Missouri where a number of Bushwhacker caches are said to be located:

Andrew County: Savannah.

Boone County: Rocheport and Columbia.

Clay County: Harlem, Liberty, Liberty Landing, Kearney, Missouri City, and numerous spots along or near the Fishing River. (Clay County was the James Boys' "stomping grounds," by the way.)

Clinton County: Cameron, Plattsburg, and Haynesville.

Daviess County: Civil Bend, Gallatin, and Winston.

Henry County: Clinton.

Jackson County: Sibley, Glendale, and Lee's Summit.

Lafayette County: Dover, Waverly, Wellington, Aullville, and Lexington.

Linn County: Brookfield.

Randolph County: Moberly.

Ray County: Richmond.

St. Clair County: Monegaw Springs and Roscoe.

Remember, these are general locations only and further research on your part is necessary to follow up on these and other (yes, there are others) Bushwhacker cache leads.

Good luck and good hunting out there!

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