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Beach and Water Treasure Hunting Articles (Part 1)

There is a wealth of information from a wide range of sources dealing with beach and and water treasure hunting. For the sake of convenience, I am also going to throw beachcombing into the mix since it is so closely aligned with the other two pursuits.

Treasure Hunting

Unfortunately, some of the best info regarding beach and water hunting is no longer in print and it will take a bit of effort and research on your part to track these old articles down. Some of the magazines they were first printed in no longer exist but others are still going strong, so there is hope after all!.

(Note: Be advised that many of these old treasure magazines can be purchased from various sources online. J.R.)

Many of these informational bits may add up to good finds for those treasure hunters willing to track them down, so let that be your "guiding light."


"Montague Island Glass Balls," Treasure, July 1986. (For those of you unfamiliar with the glass ball fishing net floats once used throughout large parts of the small-scale fishing industry, these babies can command top dollar these days. Remember that before you walk away shaking your head in disgust.)

"The Strange Treasure of the Islander," Treasure, September 1984.


"1764 Coins Found at the Beach," Coinshooter (ing?), 1985.

"100 Pieces of Silver in 3 1/2 Weeks," Western & Eastern Treasures, August 1983. (Just as an aside, there were days during the big Southern California Pacific storms of 1982-1983 when I recovered this many pieces of silver in a few hours of beach hunting, not to mention large amounts of gold jewelry. Nope, not bragging, just telling it like it is so that you know it can be done.)

"Beach Bonanza," Western & Eastern Treasures, February 1981.

"Beach Hunting Methods," Western & Eastern Treasures, March 1987.

"Beach Hunting Southern California," Western & Eastern Treasures, September 1986.

Metal Detectors

"Beachcomber's Gold," Western & Eastern Treasures, September 1993.

"Beachcombing for Treasure," Treasure World," March 1974.

"California Beach Hunting," Western & Eastern Treasures, May 1993.

"On the Beach," Western & Eastern Treasures, November 1992.

"One of the Best Beaches: Santa Monica," Lost Treasure, August 1989. (Santa Monica area beaches, including those directly adjacent to Santa Monica Pier, have long been known in 'insider' beach hunting circles as some of the best in SoCal for jewelry. It's my understanding that Warren Merkitch and other early beach hunting and beachcombing 'pioneers' made a killing at Santa Monica and at other nearby SoCal beaches way back when.)

"Storms, the Key to Fabulous Treasure Hunting," Treasure Search, October 1976.

"Winter Storm Advantage," Western & Eastern Treasures, December 1991. (These last two entries tell the tale: for you West Coast beach hunters those big Pacific storms are the key to unbelievable treasure hunting success during the right conditions.)


"Bonanza at Coin Beach," True Treasure, February 1973.

"Beachcombing Delaware Beaches," Treasure, January 1984.

"Delaware's Treasures," Western & Eastern Treasures, February 1979.

I think that's enough to get many of you started out there. I'll have more beach hunting and beach combing info for you soon.

Good hunting out there!

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