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Ohio's Lost Oak Tree Gold

(Location of Fairport Harbor, Ohio.)

$50,000 (Face Value) in Gold

There's a good possibility that $50,000 (face value) in gold remains buried beneath a large oak tree near Fairport Harbor, Ohio. Research suggests that this trove is composed of gold bullion bars with perhaps a few gold coins thrown in for good measure.

There is every reason to believe that Ohio's Lost Oak Tree Gold treasure legend exists and most importantly, very few people have searched for it over the past 100 years or so. $50,000 in gold was a huge haul for the time, but at today's spot gold price of nearly $1,478 per troy ounce this treasure trove would bring the finder a staggering $3,695,000! That could ease the associated pains of a failing U.S. economy for just about any of us.

A Large Oak on the West Bank of the Grand

Ohio's Lost Oak Tree Gold treasure trove came to be way back in 1862 after three criminals robbed a Canadian bank of its gold and then fled across Lake Erie with their loot. Once on the American side of the Lake near Fairport Harbor, greed took hold of these three thieves and they began arguing with one another about when, where, and how to divvy up the gold.

This argument was abruptly settled when one of the three gunned down the other two on the spot. Wasting no time, he lugged the bullion off with him and buried it 3-feet down underneath a large oak tree growing on the west bank of the Grand River. He then fled the immediate area for obvious reasons.

Digging Beneath Oak Trees

Within the year this same robber and murderer was at death's door himself with a terminal case of respiratory disease in a Chicago sanatorium. Deciding to come clean before he crossed over the River Styx the robber confessed his crimes to the doctor in attendance and told him the general details of where the gold was buried.

(Kayakers on the Grand River near Fairport Harbor.) 

The good doctor wasted no time in departing Chicago for northeastern Ohio. Once at Fairport Harbor he began searching along the west bank of the Grand River, digging beneath each and every large oak tree he came across...alas, to no avail.

More Unsuccessful Hunts

Returning to Chicago the doctor related his tale of buried gold to a group of influential friends who raised money and a small expedition that returned to Fairport Harbor to find the gold bullion.They too were unsuccessful.

Wolverine Boots
Dickies Work Clothes

In the first few decades immediately after the U.S. Civil War a number of erstwhile treasure hunters tried to locate the Lost Oak Tree gold stash, but were unsuccessful. As more time passed fewer searchers remained until virtually no one in the area even mentioned the trove any longer.

Remember, these old-time treasure hunters didn't have metal detectors, ground-penetrating radar, or magnetometers. Who knows? With a bit of research and the right tools for the job, you might just hit the "big one" on the west bank of the Grand River near Fairport Harbor.

Good hunting!

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