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More Indiana Treasure Caches

 (Indiana counties.)

Indiana is well -known in treasure hunting circles for the sheer number of buried treasure caches and troves within its borders. So, if you're interested in treasure hunting in the "Hoosier" state you may find the following  treasure legends worth researching:

St. Clair's Trove

One of the worst defeats ever inflicted on U.S. military forces by Native Americans (Custer and the Little Bighorn included) was the 1791 rout of  Territorial Governor Arthur St. Clair's 2,000-man militia force near the headwaters of the Wabash River in northwestern Indiana. Although he survived this debacle, over 600 of St. Clair's citizen soldiers were massacred.

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Legend has it that once the writing was on the wall and the Indians had the upper hand, St. Clair ordered all the gold and silver coin buried that the column was carrying for payroll and purchasing purposes. Some historical accounts also state that many militiamen threw away their weapons and military accouterments before fleeing while others hurriedly buried personal items and coins.

As far as is known, no one has located St. Clair's Trove. Further research is needed here, but for the savvy and persistent treasure hunter or detectorist, a fortune in gold, silver, and historical artifacts still awaits recovery.

White River Gold Cache

One persistent Indiana treasure legend concerns a small band of river pirates who plied their criminal trade in the early 1800s along the White River in Owen County. A sizable cache of gold coins and other plunder was supposedly buried by these miscreants on a bluff above the river near modern Freedom, Indiana. Again, additional research is needed here.

 (West fork of the White River.)

Glacial Gold

Ever thought of panning or sluicing for gold in Indiana? No? Well, you should my friend. 

Some parts of the "Hoosier" state contains glacial placer gold that was carried down from gold-bearing veins in Canada millenia ago. Today, small-scale placer gold miners and gold prospecting clubs work many of Indiana's creeks and streams for fun and a bit of profit to boot.

I've written about gold in the Midwest in my small-scale mining site, "Bedrock Dreams." You can learn more about glacial gold by reading:

Be safe out there and good hunting to you.

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