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Delaware's "Coin Beach" a Hot Spot for "Goodies"

(Section of Lewes Beach looking toward lighthouse.)

"Coin Beach"

Although it's the second smallest state in the U.S., Delaware contains its share of treasure "goodies." If you're into coin and beach hunting, Delaware's Lewes Beach may provide some very productive ground.

(Lewes Beach and Sussex County.)

Lewes Beach (Sussex County) is known in treasure hunting circles as "Coin Beach" due to its proclivity for offering up old coins. Many of these old copper and silver coins are British in origin and believed to be part of a cargo of specie carried by the luckless merchant Faithful Steward, which ran aground near Indian River in 1785.

Coins "Tossed Ashore"

Eventually the Faithful Steward broke apart as heavy seas battered the wreck. Over the past 200+ years, portions of her cargo have been "tossed ashore" along certain stretches of Lewes Beach during storm surges.

Metal Detectors
Treasure Hunting

The local museum at Lewes Beach has a number of coins from the Faithful Steward on display. These include half pennies dating back to 1766. (I also know of one beach hunter who recovered two English gold coins at "Coin Beach.")

A Steady Stream of "Goodies"

But old English coins are not the only "goodies" found along sandy stretches of Lewes Beach. The area is also a popular beach and vacation destination in the summer months. The thousands of vacationers and beach goers who flock to "Coin Beach" in the summertime provide a steady stream of newer coins, rings, jewelry, and other personal items. - any strap, any length, any color!

A good metal detector and perhaps a Merkitch-type sand sifter could work wonders at "Coin Beach" during the tourist season. Locals already know that nor'easters and storm surges during the off season often kick up the oldest coins and artifacts, as well as a fair share of jewelry items.

So there you have it..."Coin Beach" is quite the hot spot for "goodies."

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