Friday, January 20, 2012

Northern California Gold Treasure Lead

 (Siskiyou County, California.)

As many of you already know, I came to be a treasure hunter via small-scale gold mining (still my first love, by the way). With first-hand material from veteran gold miner Stan M. I recently wrote a 2-part series for my gold mining site, "Bedrock Dreams" that contains what I believe to be a viable lead to a northern California gold treasure. The area in question is Siskiyou County, California not far from the Oregon border.

Here's what Stan had to say:

"Getting back to Northern California and Siskiyou County, there are lots of creeks around Happy Camp, the Seiad Valley, and Hamburg that produce gold. At the upper ends where they reach the Oregon border, Thompson Creek and Indian Creek are nearly claim free. Some of the biggest gold ever found in Siskiyou County came out of those two creeks."

Gold Prospecting and Mining Tips

"I'm sure, like you said, that the easy gold locations are gone. But who wants an easy spot that's been picked clean of gold anyway? You have to have the fortitude, the stamina, and the persistence to get out there and look for the good stuff. It's still out there and if I were a younger man, that's what I'd do. In my mind, if someone has to be told where to go, I don't think that person is very serious about gold prospecting and mining."

"Very Rich in Gold"

"Let me tell you a true story about Titus Creek, just west of Happy Camp. I have a good friend who's lived in Happy camp all his life...he's a member of the Karuk Indian Tribe of this area. When he was 16 his uncle came to him for seems my friend's uncle had found a rich vein of gold that crossed Titus Creek (this is in the Independence area which is very rich in gold)."

 (As Stan M. can tell you, the Siskiyou Mountains are rough and tumble in many locations, including around Titus Creek.)

"Titus Creek runs on the south side of the Klamath's between 5-7 miles long and located in extremely rough terrain. If someone took a good gold detector into that area and had the stamina to walk Titus Creek detecting from bank-to-bank, I'm sure that vein of gold could be found. At the time my friend was more interested in his new car and girls never did anything about it. Now he doesn't know exactly where on Titus Creek the gold was."

So there you have it. Remember, the area we're talking about here is pretty rough terrain in many locations and a search along Titus Creek won't be easy.

Metal Detectors

Oh, one more thing...remember to bring a gold pan along.

Good hunting. (My sincere thanks to Stan for sharing this info.)

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