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Jesse James and the KGC: Treasure Signs and Symbols (Part 3)

 (KGC medallion.)

Treasure Caches Recovered

The debate whether Jesse and Frank James (and members of the James Gang) were active  members of the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) and perhaps even KGC "Sentinels" rages on. However, as more evidence is uncovered it certainly appears that this premise may be correct about the James Boys.

Carhartt Wear
Wolverine Boots

What's not debated, however,is the Jesse, Frank, and the Gang as a whole buried numerous small-to-medium sized treasure caches throughout Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas (and perhaps elsewhere as well). A decent number of these caches have been identified, researched, tracked down, and recovered in recent years.

More KGC Treasure Signs and Symbols 

Surprisingly enough, many of these caches were found by following treasure signs and symbols that belong to the KGC library of symbols. With that in mind, here are more KGC treasure signs and symbols:

Sun(s): Carved or etched images of the sun should be noted, especially if they have "rays" radiating out from the sun circle itself. This may mean that the center of the sun is the treasure location or one or more of the rays point to one or more treasure caches.

Carved or Oddly Shaped Rocks: These often appear out of place or not natural in their current surroundings and are immediately recognizable as such. They have this effect for a reason. If you come across this type of treasure sign, stop and take note of your surroundings. A search of the immediate area with a metal detector might be a good move on your part.

Snakes: The snake symbol invariably points the way to a treasure trove or cache, with the head of the snake the arrow or pointer. If you run across two or three snakes etched or drawn in parallel with one another, they may indicate multiple caches.

 (Note the sun symbol [among others] in this Masonic/KGC array.)

Bird Tracks: Usually these are three-toed tracks drawn or carved as simple connected lines leading a certain direction that typically points or leads to a treasure cache.

Treasure Hunting
Gold Concentrators
Metal Detectors

Donkey or Burro: In the days of Spanish exploration and early mining activities, the donkey or burro was the primary beast of burden used for carrying gold or silver ore, or sacks or chests of coins or treasure. Like the Spanish meaning of this symbol, a carved or etched donkey or burro indicates that treasure trove was transported here and may be cached nearby.

Hand With a Pointing Finger: Commonly seen in Masonic arrays and some KGC ones as well, this is a very easy symbol to interpret in most instances. "Treasure lies in this direction." "Go forward this way." "You are on the right path."

Remember that some of these symbols (like the sun symbol) are universal and not just directly related to Jesse James or the KGC. However, any time you come across these symbols out in the field go to a heightened awareness level and begin searching for more symbols or signs nearby or along the path you are following.

Good hunting.

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